Seth Godin is an author, popular blogster and businessman.  He once posted his assessment of how every medium evolves:

            “The technicians who invented it, run it.

            Technicians with taste, leverage it.

            Artists take over from the technicians.

            MBA’s take over from the artists.

            Bureaucrats drive the medium to banality.

            TV used to be driven by the guys who knew how to run cameras and transmitters.  Then it got handed off to the Ernie Kovacs\Rod Serling-types.  Then the financial operators like ITT and Gulf + Western milked it.  And finally, it’s just a job.”

            I’ll leave the interpretation of how this applies to motion picture production to you.  But I’ll also tell you this – though the ride can get bumpy from time to time, it’s never just a job to me!


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