This scene occurs at the 01:07:30 mark.  Bonnie Bedelia joins Harrison Ford at the table on the backyard deck adjacent to their kitchen; they discuss their tenuous situation.

            Photographically, the scene is unremarkable save for the changing out of 85ND filters to accommodate the fading mid-September light.  It was purposely shot late in the day so as to take advantage of the open shade enabled by the setting sun.  Note that the entire scene was photographed with Willis’ favorite lens for 1.85 format – the 40mm.

            The scene was exposed and printed for a dusk, post-sunset effect – even though it was shot in abundant daylight.  A close up of Harrison Ford was photographed but did not make the final cut of the film.

            But note the interesting composition of the opening shot.  Similar to what he did in the scene deconstructed in Lighting Diagram #5 (posted August 28, 2020), Willis uses the sliding doors to create a “frame within the frame.”  This helped induce a feeling of isolation and infringement upon the characters – in keeping with their predicament in the story.

The positioning of the actors emphasizes the stress they’re experiencing.  Note in the next diagram that because the sun has dipped below the house by this point, the 20’x20′ solid has been removed.


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