This scene was shot at night and set in front of the huge Lattingtown, Long Island house that was used for most of the exterior work.  Find it on the DVD at the 01:07:29 mark…

            The car that delivers Tom Hanks’ character of Walter Fielding was an old Volkswagen Beetle decked out in garish blinking lights.  In the summer of 1985 they were tungsten sourced, so there was no worry of capturing any strobe effect on film (today they’d most likely be LED’s and the possibility of strobing a problem that must be addressed).

            The overall high-contrast look is aided by a full stop of underexposure at the lens.  The chart notes that Willis declined to use a diffusion filter so as to not over-flare the approaching car’s headlights.

Hanks’ close up is keyed by the 5K located 90˚ off camera left; the Panalite is used from directly over the lens to provide fill.

The reverse angle: Hanks’ POV of the house.


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