Another scene with two people engaged in dialogue across the dinner table.  This time Hoffman and Charles Grodin have at it in an Arab restaurant.  Find it at the 00:30:23 mark…

            Beautiful Storaro light…  Soft and natural but still packing some directional punch, thanks to the ever-popular 650W 9-light fays (double-diffused through multiple 4’x4′ frames of Lee 216).  The marking on the slate called for an “Evening” effect.  The overall feeling is warm…romantic, almost.  Note that some smoke effects were employed here; this helped spread the light and further soften the contrast.

            For the close-ups (50mm), the actors were once again cross-shot so as to capture the spontaneity of their performances in a single effort.  Various adjustments were made to the lighting to accommodate a better definition of the faces as opposed to the wide shot.  Bounce sources were moved to spots just out of the frame line to help toss back some foreground fill light from the key.

            Essentially the same set up as the previous diagram, only tighter with a 100mm lens on each actor.  And as is custom when moving closer in this type of situation, the cameras were adjusted to allow for a tighter eyeline.


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