Chris Rock’s character of Lance Barton – fresh from an untimely accident on earth – adapts to his new environment in heaven.

            The first part of the clip shows him entering the nightclub.  The lighting and color schemes laid out in last week’s diagram are the same: cool blue backgrounds and warmer foregrounds.  This set was built on a soundstage and was rather narrow in scope – not much more than a flat really – but I believe we made the best of it.  All other tech stats remain the same.

            The second clip takes place in King’s (Chazz Palminteri) office.  This scene was shot in the landing area outside the first balcony of a grand, old playhouse in Toronto (whose name I neither recorded nor remember!).  It was a truly remarkable setting and didn’t require much in terms of dressing.  The mix of color has always appealed to me here, combined with the ethereal effect imparted by the Tiffen #1 White ProMist filter.  Other tech stats once again remain the same for the rules we imposed upon the heaven scenes.


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