A nighttime party at the beach club…a lot of drama plays out here.

            Many shots were taken from a variety of camera positions; the diagram provides a general layout for how each set up was approached.

            This is a terrific example of what I like to call “major league cinematography.”  First and foremost, it’s appropriate to the mood defined by the story.  Thereafter, the visual information is presented in as direct and unadorned way as possible, yet with the ultimate of taste and precision.

            It might appear easy to achieve but like so many examples I’ve sited, it’s not.  Just as you might sit in the stands and watch Mike Trout make playing baseball look effortless, you can never forget all the study, preparation and dedication it takes to reach that level of competence.

            So to every film student, I send Christmas wishes that you embrace that ethic and don’t take any shortcuts on your way to success!


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