This one is self explanatory.  It’s a few years old but every bit as relevant now as the day it was shot.  The object was to get a very quick idea of the sensor’s low-end exposure range.  All the information you need is on the placards.  What you see is essentially a one-light print.

            Thank you to my good friend and wonderful actress Levi Ashlyn for brightening the frame.

            Single source in the foreground.  Single source backlight.  And away we go…

            Happy New Year…!  There will be plenty more to come in 2022…!


4 thoughts on “A BRIEF EXPOSURE TEST”

  1. One light print, one light dailies… In my time at Technicolor one light dailies were the absolute practice of Kemper, Roizman, Kovacs, Zsigmond, Deschanel, Del Ruth, Alonzo, Fraker, Chronenweth, Peterman, Cundey, Poster, Stevens, and of course Willis. It was their way of ensuring they had a good negative and knew what they were creating for the final print. I haven’t come close to listing everyone that practiced one light dailies back in the day; but to be clear there were those that required scene to scene, and sometimes take to take color timing of their dailies; some highly regarded Cinematographers.

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