If you’ve followed this blog to any extent, you’ve noticed that lately I’ve been exploring cinematography from an odd tangent, with quotes and observations from people outside our immediate community.  At first, I hesitated to wander down that road, but there was no need for indecision.  While their sentiments may not seem relevant on the surface, there’s actually great value to be discovered outside the traditional precincts.

            Below, you’ll find what might be my longest shot yet.

            In the April 1, 1998 edition of the New York Times, critic Margo Jefferson wrote a review of Alan Rudolph’s film Afterglow (photographed by Toyomichi Kurita).  The body of this excerpt is interesting enough, but for me, the concluding line is what brings it home for the itinerant cameraperson.

            I don’t know…  Am I just chasing my tail this time?

            “Romance is the Missing All in Mr. Rudolph’s world (“The Missing All prevented me from missing minor things,” wrote Emily Dickenson), but its meaning keeps expanding.  There is the romance of truly comprehending love between parents and children or between couples; there is the romance of love at first sight, whether or not it survives a second look or a backward glance.  Nothing is sure to last but yearning.  And what is yearning?  Part melancholy at not having what you desire; part pleasure that it is so worth desiring.  But the people most likely to get close to their heart’s desire are the ones willing to throw off pride, habit or some utterly unreal vision of perfection.”


4 thoughts on “A QUOTE TOO FAR…?”

  1. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. We are among the few who see movies as the flickering firelight on ancient cave paintings that illuminate our inner lives. Keep writing.

  2. The heart is a lonely hunter. We are among the few that see movies as the flickering firelight on ancient cave paintings that illuminate our inner lives. Keep writing.

  3. Once you stop yearning then you stop living.
    Many times the greatest things we desire in life seem to be
    the hardest things to achieve. Often times it’s like a vapor.
    You reach out to grab it then it’s gone. Most people give up
    on there dreams because they give up to soon. Whether it’s
    pride or too much sacrifice. It took me five years to get a
    pilots license often quitting along the way. I’m glad I stuck it
    out and pushed on towards my goal. The best things in life
    always come with a price. Never quit dreaming of your goals.
    Yearn for your heart’s desire!

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