I’ve written about gratitude in this space before, but only as it applied in a general sense.  Now, in the midst of prepping a show, I’d like to send profound appreciation to my great friends at Panavision.  Since first setting foot inside one of their facilities back in the day, management and staff have shown me nothing but kindness and support, no matter what size production I’ve brought through the door.

            Their secret is their people.  Whether it’s inventing a one-of-a-kind solution or delivering a coveted piece of gear that production can’t afford, they have done more to help cinematographers shine than a truckload of carbon arcs.  Believe me, I know; I’ve benefitted from their generosity more times than I can count.  Wherever in the world I’ve found myself behind a camera, they’ve always had my back.  Always…

            So, a special thank you to Panavision CEO Kimberly Snyder and Senior Marketing Rep (NY) Sal Giarratano.  Both have once again gone above and beyond during my current project.  And there are so many others to whom I’ve owed a great debt over the years: Bob Beitcher, Chris Bieler, David Dodson, Judy Doherty, Ray Emeritz, Scott Fleischer, Dan Hammond, Bob Harvey, Larry Hezzlewood, Lori Killam, Tracy Langan, Suzanne Lezotte, Tak Miyagashima, Phil Radin, Tom Rose, Jim Roudebush, Dan Sasaki, Ralph Sasaki…add in all the prep-techs and the list would be endless!

            On a few occasions I’ve used a different supplier, for one reason or another.  Though it was never my choice, there was a bright side to the experiences.  They showed that my assessment of Panavision was indeed true.

            Once again, I send everyone there my very best.

            Thank you!


One thought on “GRATITUDE…”

  1. Panavision are a special group. I was part of an ASC Master Class a number of years ago that had the pleasure of a site visit.
    Although I am sure she will not remember, I had a very nice and informative conversation with Kimberly Snyder, only to find out later that she is the CEO and that, to me, speaks volumes about who they are as an organization. No pretense.
    To your point Richard, the entire team is extremely open and supportive and generous.

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