An after-hours ‘Irish Wake’ is being held in the office of Harrison Ford’s boss, Brian Dennehey.  Beautiful low-key interior work, found at 0:32:20…

            Once again, here’s a fine example of simplicity from Gordon Willis, ASC.  It’s a static scene, but totally appropriate in the way it’s handled.  The drama is effected through the dialogue and though the camera is passive, the lighting is not.  Moody and single-source driven, it underscores the words and forebodes the dark times that will shortly befall Ford’s character.



  1. Man-O-man, I love seeing these notes so much! Thank you for putting this in the context of story and sharing the “why” as well as the “how”.

    I feel like the black in these frames and the role the shadow plays in the story is such a Gordon Willis thing. Is that true in your experience?

    We are fond of saying “40 like Gordie” here because the 40mm (Arri Macro) has become my favorite lens as well. What type of 40mm would Gordon use? Or was it more about the 40mm focal length rather than a specific lens?

    Thank you much Richard

  2. I am totally hooked on every single one of these illustrated vignettes and explanations. By having the lighting diags, the frame grabs and your description of the motivation is invaluable. My untrained eyes and mind get a bit better every time I experience these, and I cherish you sharing all of this so much. Of course I have the advantage, having known you for so long I hear your voice as I read the notes and your comments!

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