A late night meet-up between Tim Olyphant’s Raylan Givens and his boss, Art Mullen (played by Nick Searcy)…

            The minimalist approach and color contrast of this scene always appealed to me.  Most of it is achieved with what you see in frame – practicals accented by Christmas lights and a few well-placed LED ribbons.  A 1′ KinoFlo tube was taped to the ceiling just forward of Art’s seated position; you can actually see the unit dipping into frame in the shot of him from over Raylan’s right shoulder.  Other Kinos (sleeved in blue gel) were placed behind the bottles on some of the shelves.

            In the parking lot beyond the back door, a Mole Richardson 2K Baby Junior fresnel was secured to a conveniently located telephone pole; the yellow-ish tone comes from a sheet of Antique Brass gel.  It back lights both the rain and Raylan as he rushes inside the bar.  The rain also provides the background texture that allows for the silhouette effect.

            When the two square off, a 1’x1′ flat-panel LED was placed on the off-camera side and shot through a sheet of Lee 216 diffusion. For Tim’s close up, I made sure it was set to a height that would allow the light to fall beneath the brim of his Businessman’s Stetson.

            No fill light was used at any time.


2 thoughts on “LIGHTING DIAGRAM #52 – JUSTIFIED”

  1. Really liked the way you brought out and accentuated the
    blues in the glass! To meet it really sets the mood.

  2. Thank you, Ken! That’s all we’re ever trying to do – create the mood.

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