This scene takes place in a basement apartment and was shot on a set at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens.  It was a cramped space that was made to seem all the more so by the limited shot selection used in the final cut of the film.  Find it at the 00:08:41 mark…

            Storaro was always careful about controlling the spill from each of his sources.  He was adamant about having the grip crew ‘box in’ each of the main units with solids so that their effect would be limited to a single task.  Though it may not be specifically noted in each diagram, it was a standard part of his operating procedure.

            Below we see Warren Beatty’s character Lyle Rogers, as keyed by the 650W 9-Light Fay located off camera right.  Outside the window is a translite of a New York street; when you watch the clip, keep an eye out for the extra who walks by.  It’s a small touch that gives more life to the scene and helps sell the feeling that it’s taking place inside a real basement apartment.

            For the close-up of Tess Harper’s character Willa, the lighting was appreciably simplified. Overall the effect is quite soft and sourceless in its feel – exactly the way it would’ve looked under these conditions in real life!


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