Here’s a little sample of something I recently shot that employed the latest in rear projection techniques, the vaunted LED wall.  Thanks to the brilliant assistance of Sam Nicholson, ASC and his staff from Stargate Studios, the process was as smooth as could be, and the results of the driving shots – for both day and night conditions – were spectacularly convincing.  In fact, they were so good, the actors often found themselves fumbling for the gas and brake pedals while the shot was underway.  Being able to control the lighting at the same time you’re shooting the composite is a great gift for cinematographers.  It instantly makes any other approach seem archaic.

            This clip features a member of our sound department as he places a mic as well as one of our stand-ins.  Be sure to ignore the mild strobing effect on the LED wall.  That’s purely an iPhone artifact!


6 thoughts on “MOVIE MAGIC…!”

  1. Is it really “rear” projection or are the screens large LED’s? Whatever, it’s truly a beautiful thing!

  2. It’s a large LED display. Not rear projection at all, but that was the closest thing I can think of comparing it to.

  3. If the wall was tracking any camera movement to change perspective then it’s a VR wall. Otherwise, I guess it’s really just a couple of big TV screens. Still, the interactive quality of the light in these circumstances is awesome.

  4. I had the great experience of being at a ASC Master Class about 5 years ago and Sam and his team gave us a primer on the technology. It’s a great achievement and can be highly convincing. There are many nuanced variables but Sam and his team have it mastered. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Richard,
    This LED wall is really interesting. I can see how the actors would
    want to hit the gas and break pedals. Were you able to sit inside
    and experience the realistic qualities? It must have the feel of a
    driving simulator. Thanks for showing what goes on behind the

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