There’s probably a proper name for this configuration, but it’s popularly known as “The Blind Driver.”  Its purpose is clear.  It allows an actor to be filmed as if they’re careening wildly over the road – while a professional maintains safe control of the vehicle from the rooftop cockpit.

            I’ve used it on a number of occasions with up to eight cameras rolling simultaneously.  It always draws curious looks from civilians on the street, but I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: It’s even stranger to sit in the passenger seat while the mayhem is underway!


5 thoughts on “A REALLY COOL TOOL”

  1. What a crazy looking contraption. Must be a little nerve wracking
    sitting on top as it careens down the road. At least it has a pretty
    stout roll bar cage. It actually must be a little fun to drive!

  2. I’ve never seen one in action, so I have a couple of questions about this setup: the driver above drives at a low speed ever during fast sequences like car chases or competitions? What’s the highest speed it can be safely driven at? Thank you, I love posts about setups!

  3. Luigi – I don’t know what the maximum safe speed is for this vehicle, but I have seen it go very, very fast! That’s the advantage of using it. Though it might look a bit clunky and top heavy, it’s actually quite stable.

  4. Richard, this is an amazing set up for car scenes.
    Do you know of the person or company responsible
    for its design?

  5. Ken – I really don’t know the provenance of the Blind Driver. It’s been around in some form or other for a long time, so there must be some history on it. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

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