The “Fly Swatter” is one of the handiest devices available for use when shooting day\exteriors.  Attached to the bucket of an 80′ telescopic Condor crane, this 20’x20′ version will deliver full shade or any degree of diffusion where and when it’s needed – with a minimum of fuss.

            The frames come in many sizes and can be skinned with any solid or diffusion material, allowing for a broad degree of control; it can also be used for placement of a green screen.  Its value and versatility can’t be overstated, especially with regard to photographing human beings in harsh sunlight.  There’s no doubt they’ve been life savers on innumerable occasions for every cinematographer.

            While a Fly Swatter of this scale is beyond the reach of student filmmakers, the lack of an easy solution is once again a benefit.  Keeping what you want to accomplish in mind, it will force you develop habits of creative innovation.

            But I promise – once you’ve tried the real thing, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!


2 thoughts on “MADE IN THE SHADE”

  1. I remember countless occasions were I wanted to have a Fly Swatter and it was a student project; my way was first to add more light in the shadow with any reflector, bounce board or source of light available. If it was a close up it was much easier; I was using collapsible reflector to cut, diffuse or reduce the highlights. I also used nets out of focus to make the background darker. One day I’ll fly the Swatter.

  2. Yes! Hang a silk off the side for more coverage. The coolest is a construction crane with a 40×60 rag. Just hope there is no wind!

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