JOCKEY (2021)

            Last week I was encouraged to find that this unjustly ignored film made the final list of nominations for an ASC Spotlight Award.  Though it was released in 2021, you probably haven’t heard of it – and that’s a shame because it’s exactly the type of thing intelligent movie lovers should support.  It won’t win any Oscars, but that speaks to a lack of publicity, not a lack of talent onscreen.  The truth and economy with which Jockey presents itself is a reminder that thoughtful features about real people are infinitely more powerful than any of the superheroes blustering around the multiplexes.

            Hats off to director Clint Bentley and his co-writer Greg Kwedar for their marvelous creation.  Star Clifton Collins, Jr. also turns in the best performance of the year.  But Adolpho Veloso deserves special recognition for his amazing cinematography.  Every step of the narrative is burnished by his varied moods, no doubt realized under onerous time and budget constraints.

            Make the effort to see this one.  In an age defined by superficiality and excess, it proves that movies can still evoke deeper, lasting emotions in an entertaining way.

            Imagine if there was an Oscar category for that…


4 thoughts on “JOCKEY (2021)”

  1. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to seeing it. Hope you are well, Richard, and hope to see you around awards time.

  2. Thank you, David…it’s a really good movie (or at least I think so!). All good by me. Prepping a pilot in Rhode Island. I hope all is well by you!

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