Ken Summers asked: 

            How has the pandemic for the last few years affected your work?  I would imagine you have faced cancellations or delays between projects?  Has it changed or influenced your approach to filmmaking?

            As with everyone else, the pandemic has been a serious imposition on life and career.  But I have no reason to complain.  I’ve remained healthy as have my loved ones, friends and associates.  Yes, jobs were cancelled, projects were delayed and the protocols have made life on set cumbersome and unpleasant.  On the positive side, it hasn’t changed my approach to cinematography; there are still no excuses for not doing the job properly.  I’ve adapted and evolved in certain ways, but the goals have remained the same.  And while I’m looking forward to the day in the (hopefully) near future when I return to a normal work life, I’ll do so having learned a few important lessons…not just about my craft but about myself!


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