Calm is contagious.

            I’m hardly the first person to say this.  But think about it…

            Just because every production has its chaotic moments, that’s no excuse for letting yourself get swept up in the madness.

            As a department head – and the director’s closest collaborator – cinematographers need to embody a higher standard than the rest of the crew.

            Once again, think about it…

            When do you last recall someone’s episode of psychic dislocation as a positive contribution to the proceedings?

            I don’t have enough time to list the reasons why people can react so poorly.  So, don’t react.  Respond…  Whenever the crazy kicks off, refuse to become a victim of the pandemonium.

            Stay cool.  Set the example.  Let the loose cannons get it out of their systems, then offer an achievable solution.  Given any sensitivity – trust me on this – your state of being will spread to everyone around you.  And it will be noticed.  That’s a net positive for production and yourself.  Reputationally, it will also bring benefits in ways you can’t imagine, far beyond the instant.

            All it takes is a simple mindset.  And a tiny bit of what seems to be a diminishing virtue in today’s ridiculous excuse for a society – self-control!


2 thoughts on “STUDENT QUICK TIP #16”

  1. This is gold! It’s very true.
    A solution to a problem speaks louder than any shouting contest on set. I’ve seen people literally go from screaming to silence, listening to a solution to their problem that they could not think because too busy making a scene.

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